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Claudio Del Giudice is a qualified Italian lawyer (Avvocato) and an English Solicitor. He specialises in Italian property and succession law as Avvocato and in debt collection and company commercial work as a solicitor. He is a sole practitioner in London.

Recent Italian property statistics: continuing improvement of the residential market.

Recent official statistics point to continuing, slow improvement of the Italian property market. On 21.11.2108 Banca d` Italia (the Italian central bank) published a business survey (Sondaggio congiunturale sul mercato delle abitazioni in Italia) of 1,441 Italian estate agents. Agents reporting price reductions have reduced (down to 16.3 % from 19.5 % of July 2018), [...]

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Italian property equity release – an outline

Because the Italian property market has been stationary for some time now, owners of Italian properties sometimes look for alternative ways of releasing some equity from their properties without actually selling them. The pros of these options tend to be that apart from getting some liquidity, the owner can continue to enjoy his Italian property. The [...]

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“Domicile”: domicilio secondo la Common law

Una recente sentenza della Corte d` Appello di Londra e` un elegante riepilogo del concetto di “Domicile” secondo la legge inglese che non deve essere confuso con l`omonimo italiano, il diverso concetto / termine tecnico giuridico di “Domicilio”, come definito dall` art. 43 del Codice Civile. Il concetto di Domicile e` fondamentale nel diritto privato [...]

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Don`t delay completing your Italian property acquisition

A recent judgement of the Italian Supreme Court published in February 2018 is the epilogue of a sad story of the Italian couple, who delayed the completion of their property acquisition, only to see their property being taken away from them and purchase price they had paid lost in the whirlwind of their vendor`s insolvency. [...]

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Focus on Italian estate agents: their duties and responsibilities

Buying or selling Italian residential properties frequently involves the assistance of local Italian estate agents. It is important to establish the right relationship from the very beginning, crucially before any document is signed and any money is paid. It is also important to realise that Italian estate agency law is very different from the English [...]

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Regno Unito, il nuovo reato societario di favoreggiamento dell` evasione fiscale (Failure to prevent facilitation of tax evasion)

Il Regno Unito si sta organizzando per combattere l` evasione fiscale internazionale, a tutti i livelli. Il 30 settembre 2017 e` entrata in vigore la parte del Criminal Finances Act 2017 che punisce il reato societario di “favoreggiamento dell` evasione fiscale” (Corporate Offence of failure to prevent tax evasion). E` una risposta alla dottrina della [...]

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“Prima Casa” a gift with strings attached

Frequently, the foreign property buyer of an Italian residential property is presented, in the confusion of the completion of his Italian acquisition, in the notary`s office and with garbled explanations, with the question: do you wish to pay Italian Registration Tax (Imposta di Registro) at the full 9% rate, or would you rather prefer to [...]

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Recent changes in Italian properties purchase procedures

It has taken more than three and a half years. A law was passed in Italy at the end of 2013, allowing Italian notaries to receive the purchase price of Italian properties and to keep these funds until the actual registration of the sale (trascrizione della vendita) had been successfully completed. The Italian notary would [...]

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Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims: Nuove norme in materia di recupero crediti da persone fisiche / ditte individuali.

Nuove norme di procedura si applicheranno dal 1 ottobre 2017 ai recuperi crediti di imprese verso debitori individuali o anche, ditte individuali. Le norme processuali civili in Inghilterra e Galles (Civil Procedure Rules) prescrivono una condotta pre-giudiziaria alle parti (Protocols) allo scopo di: Accertare se e` possibile prevenire il contenzioso con un accordo extra-giudiziario Considerare [...]

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The new tax on Italian bed and brekfast: “Airbnb tax” or “Regime fiscale delle locazioni brevi”.

Tourism has always been a major source of income in Italy. Once upon a time, tourists arrived in Italy and stayed in hotels, sometimes they would rent a holiday cottage for a few months. Over the years the Italian tax system had adapted to this form of tourism. The advent of the internet and, more [...]

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