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Recent changes in Italian properties purchase procedures

It has taken more than three and a half years. A law was passed in Italy at the end of 2013, allowing Italian notaries to receive the purchase price of Italian properties and to keep these funds until the actual registration of the sale (trascrizione della vendita) had been successfully completed. The Italian notary would [...]

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Improving Italian property market statistics – The Quarterly Report of the Italian Revenue

On the 6th June 2017 the “Osservatorio del Mercato immobiliare” (OMI) - a branch of the Italian Revenue -  issued its quarterly reports on the Italian property market, for the first quarter of 2017. Click here to read the report. Following recent legislation which has officially appointed OMI to monitor and to report on issues [...]

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Pre-action Protocol for Debt Claims: Nuove norme in materia di recupero crediti da persone fisiche / ditte individuali.

Nuove norme di procedura si applicheranno dal 1 ottobre 2017 ai recuperi crediti di imprese verso debitori individuali o anche, ditte individuali. Le norme processuali civili in Inghilterra e Galles (Civil Procedure Rules) prescrivono una condotta pre-giudiziaria alle parti (Protocols) allo scopo di: Accertare se e` possibile prevenire il contenzioso con un accordo extra-giudiziario Considerare [...]

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The new tax on Italian bed and brekfast: “Airbnb tax” or “Regime fiscale delle locazioni brevi”.

Tourism has always been a major source of income in Italy. Once upon a time, tourists arrived in Italy and stayed in hotels, sometimes they would rent a holiday cottage for a few months. Over the years the Italian tax system had adapted to this form of tourism. The advent of the internet and, more [...]

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Holiday homes and farm buildings (Fabbricati rurali): a polite notice from the Italian Revenue

Farm buildings (Fabbricati rurali) are normally registered in the Countryside Land Registry (Catasto Terreni) and are usually not subject to tax in Italy. These buildings are supposed to be the farmer`s house, where the owner is registered as a professional farmer (Rurali abitativi) or premises used for effective farming such as greenhouses (Serre) small farm [...]

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La Supreme Court conferma il princio della liberta` di disporre per testamento, senza vincoli o limitazioni.

A conclusione di un prolungato e tortuoso iter processuale che ha interessati tutti i gradi di giurisdizione, la Supreme Court di Londra ha confermato che si puo`disporre per testamento come si crede (Testamentary freedom) senza vincoli o restrizioni derivanti da vincoli di parentela. I familiari del Defunto non vantano diritti successori minimi, automatici e vincolanti. [...]

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Financial effects of the new civil partnership and cohabitation relationships under Italian law.

Civil partnerships (Unioni Civili ) were formally recognised and regulated in Italy with Law No. 76 of 2016, following two rulings of the Italian Constitutional Court (No. 138/2010 and No. 170/2014) and a Judgment of the European Court of Human Rights (2015). However, it took several months before this legislation was fully implemented with three [...]

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“BILANCIO 2017”: the new rules on Italian non-doms, special visa and the(almost) self-financing property improvements.

  Shortly before Christmas 2016 and notwithstanding the political crisis, the new Italian budget (“Bilancio 2017”) was passed by the Italian Parliament in record time. It introduces a few opportunities for non-residents. Italian non-doms - Special rules are introduced for wealthy individuals who take up residence in Italy. By making a special application (“Interpello”) to [...]

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Basement excavations and loss of entitlement to parking spaces, the new frontiers in Italian condominium litigation.

“Condominii ” (condominiums) are a copious source of litigation in Italy. Several people / families living close together in blocks of flats are a continuous source of stress and disputes.  Even the 2012 reform of Italian condominium legislation and the 2013 special mediation procedure introduced as a compulsory preliminary to any condominium litigation, cannot stem [...]

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The last Italian Council Tax (IMU) deadline: 16th December 2016

Italian Council Tax (Imposta Unica Comunale – IUC) in its three components, IMU (Imposta Municipale Propria), TASI (Tributo per i servizi indivisibili ) and TARI (Tassa rifiuti),  was due, its second annual deadline, on the 16th December 2016. As a general introduction, IMU tax is a general council tax due by owners of buildings (Fabbricati), [...]

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