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2014 – New Year, New selling procedures and New lower taxes to improve the Italian property market

New legislation, coming into force on the 1st January 2014 will make substantial changes, actual improvements to the way the Italian property market works. New, improved selling / buying procedures are introduced. At the same time, the taxation of Italian properties will also change. Reduced rates of tax will become applicable to property transfers, new taxes [...]

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Compulsory mediation is re-introduced in Italy.

From 21st September 2013 mediation has been formally re-introduced in Italy as a compulsory step, for some disputes, before the parties may apply to the courts. Mediation has had a checkered life in Italy. Introduced in 2010 as an attempt to deflate the spiralling burden of litigation and of arrears pending in the Italian courts, [...]

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The new energy performance certificate: how an A.C.E. turned into an A.P.E.

On the 6th June 2013 new legislation was brought into force in Italy to implement, once again, what is currently Directive 2010/31/EU on the energy performance of buildings. Under this new legislation, the name of Italian energy performance certificates (previously called “Attestato di Certificazione Energetica” or ACE for short) was changed to “Attestato di Prestazione [...]

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The fluctuating liability of a flat owner for his Condominio`s debts and obligations.

If you own a flat in Italy as part of a block of flats, what is the extent of your liability for the debts and obligations arising from the common parts of the building, or, in Italian legal terms, of your “Condominio ” ? Is there a risk that you may be required to pay [...]

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Changes to the management of blocks of flats: the new “Condominio”rules.

The Italian Parliament has updated legislation relating to use and maintenance of common parts in buildings / block of flats (“Condominio ”) which, until recently, dated back to 1942, the origins of the current Italian civil code. This new legislation is nothing short of revolutionary. Hopefully it will mark a positive change in the life [...]

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New rules on Italian foodstuff contracts or Italian food made “hotter”.

On 24th October 2012 new provisions regulating wholesale food and produce contracts (“Contratti agroalimentari “) in Italy, lost in a wide ranging raft of new legislation (issued in January and aiming to revive the economy), have come into force. The effects for anyone buying food wholesale from Italian suppliers are extensive and unless great care [...]

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“IVIE” or the Italian tax on foreign properties is now due !

At the end of last year the Italian Parliament passed legislation introducing an Italian tax on foreign properties (“IVIE” or “Imposta sul Valore Immobili Esteri“) and on foreign financial assets (“IVAFE” or “Imposta sul valore delle Attivita` Finanziarie detenute all` Estero“) held by taxpayers (whatever their nationality) resident in Italy. So for instance, British citizens [...]

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In the Italian Courts …..

19.09.2011 - Liability of incompetent / dishonest estate agents - In this case an Italian estate agent had eagerly pressurized a buyer to sign a preliminary contract for the purchase of a property, to pay the deposit and the agent`s full commission. In bringing pressure to bear on the buyer, the agent had also repeatedly [...]

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Check the valueof your property … on the Italian land registry data banks.

The Italian Land Registry (Agenzia del Territorio) has made available to the public its data banks on selling and letting market values of Italian properties. These data banks are free of charge and open to anyone who may be interested. By collecting and updating the data which must now be provided on every sale / [...]

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“Federalismo Municipale” or the new, flat rate tax on Italian rental income.

As part of a general process of devolution (Federalismo) of administrative and fiscal powers from central government to local authorities / local town councils (Comuni ), a new, simplified form of rental income taxation has recently been introduced in Italy. The Italian private letting market is strictly regulated. Legislation restricts the freedom of landlords / [...]

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