Practicing both sides of the commercial coin, Italy UK Law can offer you the support that your business needs both in Italy and in England and Wales. As an English solicitor and an Italian avvocato (lawyer) company and commercial lawyer, we can provide legal assistance tailored to your specific requirements.

Whether your business is facing a commercial problem, you want to ensure a contract is completely organised from start to finish or you have a query about the future of your company, you can do no better than calling upon Italy UK Law.

How can a lawyer for company and commercial contracts help you with your situation?

There are many diverse situations that can be explained and aided by Italy UK Law. These include but are not limited to:

  • Expanding your business to the UK or Italy
  • Creating a contract with a company abroad from Italy or UK
  • Organising cooperation between two corporate parties
  • Commercial law queries in Italy or the UK
  • Contract requests between companies overseas
  • Explaining, translating and advising on Italian or English commercial documents

An Italian lawyer and English solicitor you can get the best of both worlds for your business. In any case you find yourself in, Italy UK Law can offer you the ideal combination of expertise and support for both the UK and Italy.

To discover more about the work carried out by Italy UK Law, get in contact with us today.