Updating and remaining on top of your Italian will is vital. The changes that come about are not often explained in great detail and can leave you left in the dark.

Fortunately, as experienced solicitors for Italian succession and probate, our team at Italy UK Law can help you.

Merging the expertise and understanding of Italian law with your specific situation in the UK, we can work to find a solution that works for you. Alongside your solicitor you will begin to shape a brand-new or updated will or Italian probate.

While it may not seem appropriate to think of death, it can come as huge shock to your whole family, not least if you have not organised your will or probate in advance.

Staying ahead of the changing regulations around succession

By choosing Italy UK Law you can secure a solicitor for Italian succession and probate who will make the whole process as simple as possible.

From consulting with you about your specific situation and the assets in your possession through to writing a concise and professional document, you will be guided through it all.

The complexities of Italian and UK law can be simplified by choosing Italy UK Law. Our team are on hand to support you and ensure that you are equipped with a watertight and fully prepared Italian succession and probate.

To discover more about our work at Italy UK Law, get in contact with us today.