If you action or are embroiled in any litigation process, you will need support at every stage. This will become even more necessary if the proceedings straddle both the UK and Italy, or if the proceedings are solely in Italy.

With the support of an Italian litigation lawyer, you can confidently navigate any obstacles ranging from preliminary negotiations, mediation and disputes through to settlements and more.

At Italy UK Law we can provide you with tailored help and advice your situation needs. Our Italian litigation lawyer (avvocato) is experienced in property, succession and commercial law in Italy.

When do I need an Italian litigation lawyer?

In many cases, litigation is the most crucial and complex part of the discussions. Whether there are two businesses trading claims, an individual with issues on his Italian real estate or succession or a group of individuals worried about their investments, mediation and litigation are procedures which can resolve the situation.

However, to ensure that you make the most of Italian mediation or litigation procedures to save you time, money and effort and achieve your aims, it’s important you secure the services of an Italian litigation lawyer.

Combining the experience that Italy UK Law have as Italian litigation lawyers with the UK law background, you can be certain of achieving the right results for your situation.

No matter what the severity of your situation or the worries are, you have about the mediation or litigation process, you can secure the ideal support from an Italian litigation lawyer.

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