Do you want to sell a property in Italy but need a specialist lawyer who has knowledge of Italian laws surrounding the matter? Look no further than our team at Dr Claudio Del Giudice, where we can provide you with an exceptional lawyer for selling property in Italy.

Here at Dr Claudio Del Giudice, our lawyers are equipped with the knowledge you need regarding selling a property in Italy. If you are new to the country it can be stressful if you have no understanding of how the transactions work in that area. That is why we offer our expertise to ensure that you are selling your home or business building legally; keeping you informed of Italian law in the process.

We will advise you on the best solution for your situation to help you stay within the lines of the law. From understanding taxes to more complex issues, we will work hard to ensure that you receive the best results for your property.

In addition to selling property, we can also advise you if you are looking to buy a property. If you are new to the system, we will make sure that you understand as much of the law as possible before you make a purchase.

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