When working on any case involving two countries or languages, you will come across a number of barriers. Not merely the language barrier, but the cultural, social and other differences that are evident in each country.

The UK and Italy are no different. While they may not be far from each other, the different laws, procedures and commercial practices inevitably make many cases complex.

Fortunately , Italy UK Law can provide you with the help and advice you require. As a UK qualified Italian lawyer, Dr Claudio Del Giudice can offer the required combination of legal knowledge practical experience and dual-language support.

Why choose a UK qualified Italian lawyer for your situation?

Whether you are involved in a business deal in the UK and Italy or you have begun litigation proceedings with an Italian company, buying or selling an Italian property or dealing with Italian probate and succession it is imperative that you seek the best advice.

To strengthen your chances of getting the right deal, Claudio will use his expertise in both the UK and Italy to prepare, support and advance your case.

Not only will you be trusting a highly qualified and experienced UK solicitor, but you will have the added advantage of his expertise as a qualified Italian lawyer too.

Dr Claudio Del Giudice can assist with any discussions, property or succession issues or legal proceedings that you are involved in – no matter if they’re in the UK or Italy.

To find out more about his experience and the types of work performed at Italy UK Law, get in contact today.