The differing rules and legislation between the UK and Italy are not there to make things difficult, although it may seem like it. If you have tried to buy or sell property in either country, you will have noticed a few differences and difficulties – mainly when it comes to communication and understanding different customs and legislation.

At Italy UK Law you can find an Italian property lawyer in London who can help you through any type of concerns you may have.

The excitement that buying or selling your property in Italy may provide will be counteracted by the complexities of the law. When it comes to any property queries between Italy and the UK, it’s vital you speak with someone who not only speaks both languages but is trained in the applicable law.

Why choose Italy UK Law as your Italian property lawyer in London?

You may understand some of the rules regarding buying a new property overseas, but you will need real and detailed advice on all the different stages of property buying in Italy.

By selecting and entrusting Dr Claudio Del Giudice as your Italian property lawyer in London, your situation will be greatly improved by the experience and property expertise provided by Italy UK Law. No matter what stage you are through the property buying or selling process in Italy, you can get the detailed professional advice you need.

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