Building a property portfolio in Italy can be a great way to extend your property experience and make money over the long term. It will, however, need the support of a local qualified professional in the legal side to guide the safe buying and selling process.

At Italy UK Law we have a qualified Italian lawyer (Avvocato) for buying and selling property in Italy who can offer you a range of benefits, either directly or through his network of local contacts and professionals. Whether you are from the UK or Italy, you may discover a number of issues during the process, all of which can be solved by a specialised Italian lawyer (Avvocato).

Why choose Italy UK Law?

Our professional adviser for buying and selling property in Italy will help you with any queries, worries and concerns you may have, and guide and assist you during the buying or selling process. While it may seem confusing at the beginning, the property market in Italy just needs to be understood.

By selecting Italy UK Law as your Italian legal adviser for this whole process, you will get these three benefits as standard:

  • Fluent Italian Lawyer (Avvocato): If you end up in the market of buying or selling property in Italy, it will be vital you or your adviser can speak fluent Italian. With both the English and Italian under control, our team will confidently face any challenges along the way.
  • Market experience: Our team at Italy UK Law can offer you the up-to-date and relevant market and legal information to ensure you get the best price for your property.
  • Checks for the buyer: The process from start to finish may seem drawn out, but we will ensure that any buyer or seller has been fully researched beforehand and all required searches carried out, prior to finalising everything.

To find out more about our Italian qualified lawyer for buying or selling property in Italy, get in contact today.